Mom wants me to make new friends at church.

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Christianity and Christians

I missed church this morning because I overslept. I had difficulty falling asleep last night, and so when my alarm went off at 9 AM, I fell back asleep until about 11:15.

My mom freaked out when she realized I was still at home, and she yelled at me to throw my clothes on and go late. I did no such thing.

Look, by then there was no point. She thinks I’m going to make friends there, and that’s simply not going to happen in the service, especially when I’m late. Worshipping during the first part of the service is good and all, but odds are I wouldn’t make it until the sermon started anyway. So I just got my coffee and watched the pastor’s sermon via the internet in my pajamas.

Whatever. I don’t want new friends anyway. I love the friends I already have, and none of them are practicing Christians like me. My mom says I need the fellowship so that I can grow in my faith. She could be right. However, Christians tend to freak me out.

You should see my grandma’s church. Every Sunday, all they talk about is the End Times and how the European Union is going to take over the world and how Christians are being persecuted in the U.S. because of gay marriage and blah, blah, blah. To top it off, they always start crying when they get too emotional over said issues. Like, all of them cry. When I go (I usually don’t), I’m the only one not sobbing because, you know, I’m sane. And that’s pretty rich coming from a self-proclaimed Madman.

Fortunately, I don’t go there, and my church is tame. That’s what I like about it, actually. Still, Christians at my church freak me out even if they don’t act like that. I met a guy who thinks the crazies at school – you know, the ones who scream at students about why what they’re wearing will send them to Hell – he thinks they’re something to admire. I was beginning to befriend this guy when I heard him talk about them saying, “Man, I respect their faith. They are not afraid to stand up for the Gospel at all.” At first I thought he was talking about some other group, but the more I asked, the more I found out it was the crazies. And if that’s what he’s into and respects then, well, he’s weird.

And then there’s those people at church who get on Facebook and post nothing but Bible verses and Christian quotes and articles. Granted, those people aren’t that bad. But the fact that all they can think or talk about is God makes me uncomfortable.

I don’t want to be like them. I want to be…more. Sure, talking about God and posting a faith-related post every now and then is fine, but doing it constantly is weird. I don’t want my life to be nothing but a ginormous Bible study. I like science. I like history. I like science-fiction and fantasy. I admire cosplayers, and gamers are awesome. I like philosophy and discovering the mysteries of the Universe. I like writing. I like so many things.

I just can’t understand people who have no existence outside the Bible. Don’t get me wrong. I totally love the Bible, and my relationship with God is the cornerstone of my life. I won’t even date a girl if she’s not a Christian because I need someone I can grow in the Lord with. And I spend time in God’s Word and pray every day. But I’m also writing a science-fiction novel that’s completely secular, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The friends I already have are varied in much the same ways. I don’t want new Christian friends who lack substance. That freaks me out, and I don’t really want to be a part of that.

I don’t know what to do. I just don’t know. If God ever wants me to have Christian friends, He’s going to have to intervene somehow. I just don’t think I ever will on my own.

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