Maybe I should make new friends at church afterall.

Posted: July 20, 2015 in Christianity and Christians

Maybe I should.

I know what I said in that earlier entry about not wanting new friends, especially Christian ones, but events over the last couple months have forced me to reconsider. A variety of instances have given me pause, and I also made two incredible friends who have, just by existing and being who they are, proven to me that my opinions about fellow believers are not always correct.

First, deep down I knew I was wrong when I wrote the earlier entry about this topic. I knew that as long as I remain alone in my faith, my growth in Christ will not be aided or guided by other, outside perspectives. It’s difficult to consistently approach life from the right direction when you have no godly counsel. And I of all people should have acknowledged that more openly. I’ve always been a loner, and there have been countless times when I believed something that turned out theologically wrong, or I allowed sin into my life unchecked. Each time was a disaster, and it usually took months for me to heal and get back on track. My friends, life is too short for that. I want to get things right the first time, not six months after a devastating battle. And to do that, I need Christian fellowship and counsel.

Second, befriending those two girls changed everything.

No, it’s not what you think. I am not dating either of them. One lives in the Philippines, and the other is dating my cousin. I just thought I’d clear the air on that before I explain everything. But they could be the most incredible people I’ve ever met. Seriously.

I’ll start with Adriel because I got to know her first. She lives in the Philippines, and her dad is the pastor of a small church there. Actually, it’s kind of funny how we met. We met on OkCupid, which, as many of you already know, is a dating site. And yet, we are merely friends. She is so strong in her faith, and she studies the Bible and spends time alone with God every day. If my opinions from the earlier entry were true, I’d have assumed she’d be a stuck-up, judgmental, goody-goody Christian princess. But the reality is she’s not. She’s the furthest thing from being judgmental, and her heart is so soft and caring when it comes to other people. And she’s funny. When I talk to her on the phone, we laugh the entire time. And she’s not weird either. Okay, she’s totally weird – but in a good way. What I’m trying to say is she doesn’t believe in any bizarre theology.

And Caitlin caught me by surprise. Like, what I mean by that is, upon meeting her, she was the last person I’d have expected to have such a monumental influence on me. But that’s just who she is, I guess. I get the feeling I’m not the last person she will impact in such an incredible way.

Knowing Adriel and knowing Caitlin has made me want to be a better Christian because I see what God has done in their lives. The fellowship I have with them is refreshing. It’s like I’ve been missing out on something sacred my entire life, and now someone finally showed me the hidden treasure chest.

I need more friends like that, and there’s only one place I know to readily get them. There are a couple different classes at church I’d like to attend. If I can befriend Christians who are like Adriel or Caitlin, that would be amazing.

I’m going to try it next Sunday, so wish me luck. Or pray for me, or whatever.

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