Posted: May 3, 2017 in Miscellaneous

As opposed to sleep-walking. Get it? I deserve paper-cuts in the webbing of my toes for that one.

Here’s an appetizer to hold you over until the big event – that is to say, the Making the Most of your Time essay.

I’m still working on it, by the way. It’s just that, well, remember how I said I had writers block working on my book? I prayed about it, and it ended shortly afterward. I have tons of inspiration, and the scene I struggled with is complete. I can’t wait for you guys to see what I’ve got cooked up for you. One of these years…

So, back to what we’re here for.

I wanted to write about this the day it happened, but I worked on my book instead. Last Monday, May 1st, I had to take pictures of a computer setup at work. And when I reviewed them, I noticed something rather…odd…in the Photos app:

Screenshot Sleep-Smoking

You see, when I first stumbled across this screenshot, it wasn’t 4:20 yet. It was something like 2 or 3 in the afternoon. That puzzled me a good fifteen seconds before I realized the screenshot had been taken at 4:20 AM. Holy wow, dear reader, do you realize what this means?

It means I got up in the middle of the night and checked the time on my phone. And apparently, the sleep-walking version of me thought the fact that my phone said 4:20 was hilarious. And I guess I took a screenshot to show my conscious self later.

So, uh, thanks, unconscious-me. What a lovely gift.

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