Prescribed Fire near Rockwood

Posted: March 6, 2018 in Drones

At my dad’s farm, we’re close friends with all the neighbors. It must be because our houses are far enough apart so we don’t annoy each other. For real though, they’re fantastic folks, and it’s a huge treat whenever I get to hang out with them.

We have a lake that we share with two other families. One is the Pruitts, the other the Aycocks. The Pruitts offered, since they’re experts at this sort of thing, to perform a prescribed fire on the Aycocks’ land, and to complete the neighborhood set, I filmed the whole thing with my drones. My friend Jacob helped me out with that too – he flew the Spark while I flew the Mavic Pro. For all you drone experts out there: I bet you can’t tell which drone filmed what part of the footage. 😉

Trick question – you can’t. I compressed the 4K video from the Mavic down to 1080p so it’d all look the same. Maybe you can just tell from how bad Jacob is at flying. 😂 (Kidding there too.)

One last thing before I embed the video. If I hear that song ONE MORE TIME, I’ll actually light myself on fire. Editing videos means listening to the same song over and over and over and over and over and 🔥.


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