How to Rescue a Drone from a Tree

Posted: April 28, 2018 in Drones

My good friend Landon lives in an apartment a couple buildings down from mine, and he works in the café at church. He makes one heck of a latte. But among other things, he’s a rock climber, and even more importantly, he’s crazy enough to use that skill to climb trees.

So, remember a few entries back when I told you how my Phantom 3 got stuck in a tree? Here’s a photo I took with my Spark of how high it was:


You probably can’t tell, but it was way up there. Roughly 100 feet, in fact. Landon took one glance at it and was like, “Eh, I can definitely get that.” I told him to go for it and don’t get killed. I’d much rather buy a new drone than deal with chunks of Landon all over the yard. Disgusting.

Like a pro, he got it – and some might say he made it look easy, too. I am not one of them. I thought it looked hard.

Okay, well considering all the weather that thing endured, this is amazing. But watch how it flies:

I can’t believe it. The only things wrong with it were that the gimbal was off-centered to the left, which is an easy fix, and the rotors needed to be replaced – also an easy fix. What a drone! Nice one, DJI.

  1. Marilee Weeks says:

    Oh my word! Now you are getting Landon involved. That was too high for anyone, even your flying machine. I guess it is ok since it all ended without anyone falling, blood wasn’t shed, and bones were not broken. Intact drone was a huge bonus! Remember Travis, keep things flying under the radar (preferably within reaching distance). Landon saves the day…..this time!

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