I got Married

Posted: January 30, 2022 in Miscellaneous

Well, guys, it happened. Ya boy got hitched! That’s right: There’s a Mrs. Madman. (Or Madwoman?) So, weep and wail, ladies, for I am no longer on the market.

I play, I play.

Really, it is amazing. And all you atheists out there can’t deny God’s existence because me getting married is a miracle of biblical proportions. I’m kind of kidding, but also not. It’s mostly how I feel.

We met in November, 2018, in the workroom at church while I mailed a package, and I had no clue she’d become my wife. I had an odd feeling about her (in part because she’s gorgeous), but I dismissed it and got on with my day.

It wasn’t until almost a year later when we encountered each other again. The church hired her as a barista in the café, and I was a frequent customer. She made fun of me for putting sriracha sauce all over my food, and, admittedly, sometimes I put the stuff on there just so she’d talk to me.

Over time, this turned into friendship, and soon after that, a relationship. She and I started dating on February 2, 2020, just weeks before Covid hit the US. Ten months later, on December 26, 2020, I put a ring on her finger, and we sealed the deal on November 14, 2021.

Now, she’s my wife, and to say I couldn’t be happier is inadequate. God did this. He prepared us for each other, and He gave signs in the months leading up to our relationship. On lonely days in years prior, He comforted me with the promise of a family. This was a textbook-case God-thing, if there can be textbook-cases for God-things.

Look, go see for yourself. Look what I wrote on Valentine’s Day in 2019, almost a year before she and I dated. See the Greetings from the Madman page of this blog. Read how I intensely desired what’s now entrusted to me.

I wasn’t the first to write this, but it’s true: “Her outer beauty is only exceeded by her inner beauty.” My wife is far, far outside my league—way too pretty for me, though she pretends to not see it. Compound this with our age gap, and you’ve got quite the surprise marriage. That’s my view, anyway.

There isn’t much else I’d like to add for privacy reasons, but you’ve got the high points. God is good—the best. Obvious, I know, but today it really lands home.

There are others who’ve waited for God to perform a similar miracle. And certainly, some should be single. The Bible tells of that possibility. But I believe if you prayerfully feel in your Spirit God has someone picked out for you, then it’s only a matter of time. I was 30 when my wife and I met. 31 when we started dating. 33 when we got married. I recall being unable to sleep a few years ago because I feared staying single forever. I dream of giving my parents grandkids. The possibility that it won’t happen stole the air out of my lungs. Look, I’m just saying, if you feel God’s going to bring you someone, you’re probably right.

Don’t give up. When you feel lonely, get alone and talk to Him about it. Heck, that’s how I found out I’d get married.

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